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Question re: leveling Alts

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Hi guys, I was just trying to rack my brain and figure something out about leveling Alts. As of 7.1.5, is there any reason other than reputation to quest through the entirety of all the zones? I really dont want to do it all again, so i figured if I just leveled in dungeons and did some questing i'd be ok. I know i can also catch up with rep, albeit slowly, via WQ's once I get to 110.

Any info would be great, I'm sure I'm leaving some crucial aspect out of it!

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No, there isn't specific reason to do all the quests in all zones on alts if you don't want, meaning there's no content gated behind it. I have 3 110 toons where one went through all the quests in all zones, another one through only the main chains and the third one did just enough to hit 110. They all are good for raiding/M+.

You have to finish all the Order Hall quests though, otherwise you wouldn't be able to unlock all the Hall upgrades including the last of equipping 2 Legendaries. 

I have to note that levelling through dungeons is very slow and unrewarding, while doing main quest chains will get you to 110 in a couple of days and after finishing just a couple of zones (took me Friday-Saturday and 2.5 zones to get to 110 levelling as a disc priest 2 weeks ago).

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