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Updates to patch notes for ret?

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I was browsing the 7.1.5 patch notes on WoWHead and came across this little tidbit:

  • Retribution Paladin's template Strength is now 80%, down from 85%.
  • Retribution Paladin's template secondary stat distribution has changed:
    • 25% Mastery
    • 160% Haste
    • 50% Versatility
    • 165% Critical Strike


What exactly does this mean? Is our base strength going to end up being lower? And haste/crit will scale far easier now? I.E. I'm at like 6.4k mastery(ive had garbage luck with drops and get nothing but mastery gear) resulting in 40% mastery, yet 8.4k haste at 26%. Will that situation basically be swapped so the haste/crit will skyrocket?

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