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Choosing between legendaries as a resto druid - mythic raiding and mythic+

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Hi guys


I'm needing some help choosing between which legendaries I should have equipped going forward. 

Aman'Thul's Wisdom

Velen's Future Sight

Sephuz's Secret

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus

Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds

(^these tooltips are out of date based on the stats I have on mine)

These are my options! I'm torn between the chest, Velen's Future Sight and Prydaz.  Shoulders seem "meh" now, 

The 1247 crit, haste and mastery + socket on Prydaz seems kind a guaranteed choice. I was thinking Velen's because it's new, and the overhealing 1 minute cooldown seems nice?


Thoughts?? I'm a mythic+ and mythic raider.


I appreciate any input!


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Vast majority of surveyed people say Prydaz and Velen's, so I will go with that for now! Might swap in Sephuz on dispel heavy fights. 

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For M+ I'd say Prydaz+Sephuz up to +10, Velen+Sephuz when higher that +10.

Sephuz is THE choice because you will be able to trigger it practically on CD and 25% to Haste every 30 sec is awesome for a Resto Druid. Prydaz on lower M+ so you'd have more time to dps and speed up the runs. Velen on higher M+ because you'll really need an aditional AoE healing CD when stuff starts to hit 200% harder.


For the M raids during progress:
Velen+Sephuz if there's something to interrupt/dispel otherwise Velen+Prydaz.

For the M raids on farm:

Prydaz+Sephuz if there's something to interrupt/dispel, Prydaz+Ekowraith otherwise but you have to use Guardian Affinity here. Or maybe even Prydaz+Ekowraith most of time.

Farm raids are much lower in damage done to the raid, so I wouldn't go for an additional healing CD, passive healing from Prydaz+Ekowraith is better in this situation imo.


I don't like Wisdom at all, feels like a crooked healing style when you have to do unnecessary casting and overhealing in order to trigger it.

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