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Trinket Choice

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Hi people,

I'm playing Havoc Dh and i have some trinkets in my bag and with the new stats optimizations, i don't know which trinket i have to care.


I actually have Horn of valor 885 + Arcanocrystal 870, but in my bags i have the nightbane trinket 875 agility + mastery.

So i think arcanocrystal is really important, but horn of valor seems useless since the versatility is the last stat now ?

You think i have to switch horn of valor 885 for Ethereal Urn 875 ?

BUT i have the lengendary belt which provides 30% additional damage while boss is upper 90% hp. So the combination between the Horn of valor activation, the Chaos blade Talent and the belt passiv is really strong so, for real i'm realy lost, can u people say me what do you think about this ? :)


Thanks and sorry for the english.



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