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Does a lack of Misdirection hurt SV?

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Been playing Hunter for many a year now, and have stuck with SV for all of Legion for better or worse, and feel like I do reasonably okay. After logging in today to the bunch of nice changes to bottom line damage and getting Disengage back, I cannot help but wonder why Misdirection remains a BM, MM and Rogue only ability, as it provides the most requested utility for pulls and tank assisting in raids and M+, certainly over the more situational traps. 

I've lost count how many times someone has asked me to Misdirect to them in both mythic or a raid environment, and before the latest patch I was experiencing moments where my damage was over aggroing lower geared tanks in 5 man content, as well as frequently pulling threat from my pet while soloing. Not game breaking, but definitely less than ideal. 

Was really hoping to see the spell added to SV for 7.1.5, but will see where the other improvements to the spec lead first. 

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