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Terrible Frost DK, Please Take A Look.

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I know the  new patch dropped and several things changed.



I normally run RA and Oblit talents just go FrostSy and GA for world quest and some cleave/aoe fights.

My trinkets are trash, mean RL and bad drops/rolls. These are the only 2 leggos I have.  My weapon is really low because a a late expansion re roll its around 24-26 AP level for these logs.


Just thinking there is something obvious I am missing.

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I personally, find FrostScythe and Obliteration to be my choices even for single target.  Just use FS on KM procs.  and save your frost strike to hit right before your icy talons drops off.

I set up a weak aura to help me see it's duration and when it will expire.  

You seem to have a lot more haste than necessary, try to convert some of that to Vers.  

I don't know how to read logs all that well, but your Frozen pulse seems low. Here is my parse from last night, going to try BoS build tonight.


copied from the discord /google notes doc for this patch by Mishy and friends.  I use these stats

Machinegun Frost

Runic Obliteration Variant

25% Crit (±5%)

20% Haste

4% Vers

Mastery > Crit


Standard Variant

25% Crit (±5%)

25% Haste

Mastery > Crit > Vers

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Your build you are currently using right now is by far the superior compared to machinegun or what ever. With 7.1.5 breathe of sindragosa has a place possibly I'm not sure but yeah.

Potions of old war is obsolete for Dks, use prolonged power. Rime procs is easily losing you 30-40k of your dps, like seriously rime procs are super important, they increase howling blast damage by 300%, i've had some rimes crit for over 1m, you only used like 4-5 rime procs. Icy Talons is very achievable to keep up for 99%, FS has 8 yard range so your in no danger to FS during his charge. Looking at your runes you had probably around 30-40% of the fight above 2 runes, meaning you weren't benefiting from frozen pulse. You had bit of over capping on runic power, wasting around 100 runic.

If you fix your Rime procs, and potions, as well as ideally get different trinkets you could easily see your self doing 50k+ more.

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I think you also should switch your relics to ambitextry relics. Even a slight loss of iLvl will improve your DPS if you use OBRA rotation.

You're missing a pillar of frost too. It should be cast on CD (may be Guarm was running at 2:08?)

You should try and align Sidragosa's Fury with Pillar of frost / Unholy Strength / 5 Razorice stacks debuff on target (when mono target).


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