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Hi there

I have some question each of them about a different talent specialization.

First Lets get into BM :

Icy guide says that we should go for Dire Frenzy instead of Stomp on Single Target situation while we loose the Titan's Thunder from our beast on single target burst. With this is it still good to go for Dire Frenzy over Stomp ? (consider the Stomp Dmg also)

Does anybody tried Dire Frenzy in Raids?

Second Question is about Surv :

I simed both the Old build with Trowing Axes and Guerilla Tactics and the New Build. Simulation Craft told me that I do 375K with old build and 350K with new build with my ilvl and gear. Have u guys got the same results as me or not? Have u tried it in Raids ?

Thanks any way and GL

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Seems no one interested in this topic but I have another question btw
I still have problem between Way of MokNatal and Throwing Axes. Since most bosses have Target Switch and Movement most time my Way of MokNatal buff runs off although I am tracking them.

Have anybody tested both talents. I was Surv with Way of MokNatal in Night Hold but as my dps became low RL asked me to go BM and I could not test the other talent (Throwing Axes)


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Just saw your original post, and as such I'll answer all of the above.

1) Dire Frenzy > Stomp on pure single target situations unless you have the tier 2pc set bonus.

I have 4pc and AMR says I sim about 20k dps higher with dire frenzy, but my own testing in game and in realistic situations, stomp comes out well ahead.

2) WoMN now lasts 10 seconds and is now simming much higher than the other first tier talents. It is a lot easier to maintain it and you should make it a priority that you practise incorporating it into your rotation for optimal dps.

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