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What am i doing wrong

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1) Prayer of Mending is at 2%, it should be higher. Mine is usually around 15% per fight. Pop it on CD.

2) Light of T'uure should be used so you only have one charge up at all times (pop that before Holy Word: Serenity to do a bigger heal)

3) I recommend Benediction over Apotheosis, as it's throughput is higher on most fights and Apotheosis is only good if there is massive burst in areas (and there is often not or you have another healer make up for the loss of the that CD).

4) Pop your holy words on CD as much as possible.

5) Not sure if you are doing this, but make sure to pop two prayer of healings after Holy Word: Sanctify. With the Prayer of healing buff, it is OP.

6) Holy Word: Serenity should be higher than holy word: sanctify. Flash heal should be higher than prayer of healing. Your filler should be flash heal, pop prayer of healing after holy word: sanctify (and if you pop holy word: serenity right after divinity on that goes away)


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/p4TJV1WqZKgmfXhw#type=healing&source=1 Here are my logs, as you can see  most of my heals come from single target rather than AOE.


As of 7.1.5, you want more mastery than crit (30-40%) and Haste = Crit.

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