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Zevrim's Hunger

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I have a question about the worth of this ring on single target after 7.1.5.

Since MS does less damage than AS now, is it even worth using the GCD to consume Zevrim's procs when they occur? Sure, it's an instant cast, but seeing as the focus management became tighter, would it be a dps increase to just ignore the proc and continue with the usual rotation?

Of course, this is all provided you have another legendary to replace it for the stats.


I'm not sure how to (or if even possible) simulate it. I assume Simcraft just counts in all the procs automatically.

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This has been addressed before, simply just use the proc one after another, it simply refreshes the duration on vulnerable. You can either arcane shot between the two or just use them back to back if your focus management is good (i.e. high haste).

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