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arms warrior questions with logs

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Hey guys I started playing arms again this past week.  I just got the gloves as well.  I was doing 300k as 874ilvl.  That's underperforming I know.  Can you tell me roughly what I'm doing wrong. I don't like the focused rage spec but it is more dmg. 


After 7.1.5 is fury really competitive?


Here are the logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9rvkLFQGDymqZ6tz

armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dawnbringer/Khalizoñ/advanced

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Hey Khalizon;

I took a glance at your Ursoc kill and the one thing that really sticks out is that it seems you're prioritizing your Focused Rage stacks instead of casting Mortal Strike regardless of FR stacks. I count 15 times you stacked it to three - a couple of times even holding the buff for a duration. That management style is not optimal.


You can note with the graph above (which is a zoomed in portion of the encounter) what I'm talking about. Your pattern, overall, is focused on FR -> FR -> FR -> MS - FR -> FR -> FR -> MS, etc.

Instead you'll want to reorganize your priority system for the rotation:

  • Keep Colossus Smash on CD (but do not overwrite your Shattered Defenses buff)
  • Cast Mortal Strike on CD (regardless of FR stacks)
  • If you get a Tactician proc, follow it with a CS -> FR -> MS
  • Cast Slam if you're above 32 rage if CS and MS are on CD.
  • Focused Rage is a rage dump to avoid capping rage (usually around 90ish rage and above is a good time to dump rage)

Because you have the gloves (despite the recent nerf to them) you will find that your rage is more sustainable and at the high end. As such, you'll have more Focused Rage casts but, again, don't delay MS just for a x3 stack.

Once you get comfortable with the appropriate priority system in the rotation you'll find your numbers will increase.

I hope this helps out; if you should have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.


There may be other issues in your logs; I did not completely review them for other means of improvement. I reviewed your use of Focused Rage as a starting point.

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I don't know why I didn't think of this when I was writing the original reply, but here are some logs I ran against a test dummy for both Arms and Fury after the patch dropped.

I ran two parses; each as close to the same length as possible. The first parse had absolutely no buffs and the 2nd parse had Flask, 375 food, rune, and the use of 1 Old War potion. It should be obvious but, due to the fact that it was a Raider's Training Dummy (and the fact that I do not have the Execute ring), there was no Execute Phase.


Arms Parse 1 (No Buffs): Log Report - (270,065 DPS)
Arms Parse 2 (Buffs): Log Report - (335,243 DPS)

Fury Parse 1 (No Buffs): Log Report - (328,295 DPS)
Fury Parse 2 (Buffs): Log Report - (389,480 DPS)

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Well Ive always been better at fury.  I'm gonna give it a go.  Thanks sajakain appreciate the insight.  I have the belt, neck and arms gloves, so for fury the belt and neck.  That will be ok I'm gonna give it a try.  I don't care for the focused rage build but I'm gonna be working on it.  Ive played fury so long so that may be what I'm gonna stick with. 



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