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Holy Priest Mastery vs Crit

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I think my stats are right about where they need to be, however most sites say I should use Mastery Gems instead of Crit.  I don't run sims and I compare my character vs others in the same realms.  I see the top 2 in Misha and Rexxar stack haste more than crit.  So, I am looking for feedback on what everyone thinks.



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I haven't played Holy in 7.1.5 in a raid due to too many healers in our roster (been playing Shadow on our farms). But since there's not really any drastic changes, the stats will most likely look the same. Crit til +30%(?) (40% max) and then Mastery.

^This depends on what you're comfortable with. 

So, if you're comfortable with 30% or even 25% crit  you can go for Mastery gems.

Regarding haste: The main issue I find with Haste is our set bonuses. Which both are based on Echo of Light (our Mastery). 

Obviously there's going to be some Haste on our items (I have a few, Crit/Haste items and Mastery/Haste ) but I still think Crit/Mastery will be the way to go.. even if you run with Piety and Benediction. 



Just noticed that you have the legendary legs. I personally don't have them :/ But I do know that several Priests enchant Haste cuz of that.  (~20% Haste is around 6.5 PoM casts per minute). As mentioned, I'm not sure if it'll will be the go-to stat with the set bonuses along with Piety and Benediction. But definitely worth noting.

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