[Stormscale][H] <Eat My Crit> (7/7M, 2/3M)

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Who are we?

Eat My Crit is the largest guild in Europe with over 5000 accounts across 9 realms (Kul Tiras, Draenor, CoA, Stormscale, Magtheridon, Tarren Mill, Kazzak, Twisting Nether & Ragnaros)

We have multiple mythic raiding teams on these servers, and we also have heroic raiding teams Cross Realm within the guilds.

We also accept active social players, which are more than happy to join in our social raids, bgs etc.

There is also room for PvP within the guild, this specially on the realms Stormscale, Kazzak and Ragnaros. RBG's are being done weekly, and tons of arena's are done every day!

We are a huge guild, meaning there is always stuff to do and people to play with!


We raid 3 days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday with the times of 20:00 - 23:00.

What are we recruiting?

Warrior / Paladin / Druid - LOW (exceptional players only) - MEDIUM

Warlock, Warrior, Death Knight - VERY HIGH

Disc Priest & Resto Shaman - HIGH

We are always actively looking to improve our current roster and open recruitment for ALL CLASSES even if not listed above. Every position advertised is for a permanent position not to be benched 


What we offer:

The clearing of all current content at a competitive pace with reasonable hours
Organized and dedicated officer team
A fun raiding environment

What we expect:

- In-depth knowledge of your current class and specialisation
- Able to take constructive criticism in a professional manner
- Able to attend and maintain high attendance
- Able to adapt to a change of planned situation and continue with a high standard of play
- Extensive preparation prior to the start of the raid (both in terms of consumables and reading up on tactics)
- Organised enough lifestyle such that you can plan a couple of weeks ahead
- Friendly and polite demeanor
- Able to contribute to and discuss in a positive and constructive manner all aspects of the guilds growth

For current recruitment status and to make an application head to or message Needsy#2368 in-game

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