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Questions on balance druid

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Hi !

First, i'll apologize for my bad english. i'm trying my best but it surely won't be enough :/

And secondly, I have few questions on the balance druids :

- Are there some break points i need to know?
I know i need to boost the haste > mastery > intell > crit / versatility, but till wich point ? Do i need a certain % on haste or mastery ?

- Is there a best in slot list already available for NightHold raid in mythic?
I know i need the 4part, so which parts should I try to have as a priority ? I already have the legendary chest, but i dont know wich part of the six i need to get.

- When i'm low on AP and have 2 stacks of lunar empowerment, do i have to cast the Lunar strikes or continue with solar wraith till full AP, cast starsurges, and THEN cast lunar strike because i'll have 3 stacks of empowerment for not wasting them ?


Thanks for the feedbacks !

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Trying to provide you with some of the stuff I learned and hope I am doing it right ;)

First - The only BreakPoint I am aware of is 33% if you have the legendary head: The Emerald Dreamcatcher - And like the guide states you should always aim for having at least half the critical strike in comparison of your haste... so if you have 30% haste, you should have at least 15% crit... personally I would suggest to have more, like 20% if possible, and since 7.1.5 made mastery more important, put all the rest in there.

Do not focus on separate item pieces. Especially for Nighthold, take them as you can get them... I would even say that the stats on the pieces do not matter, because the 4 part bonus is a higher priority to up your performance. So take what you can get, when it drops. After that, focus on exchanging pieces that will benefit your current stat situation.

Regarding your empowerements... look at your rotation to be flowing. I do not know which legendaries you have and if you benefit from "The Emerald Dreamcatcher" - because with it, you can perform great spellweaving :) The current rule from the guide and what I have learned is, always use the empowerements from your Lunar Strike, but if you do not have empowerement for it, prioritize castong of Solar Wrath. I would go even so far and say that you should never dump all your AP to have to cast so many spells until you have it full again... try a steadier approach, keep the AP high, only do 1 or 2 starsurges, continue with weaving in LS and SW to use up the empowerements, than you should have gained enough AP to do 1 or 2 starsurges again, and so on... let it flow :)

I hope I was able to help :) Just a note, it is always helpful to link your armory so better feedback can be provided... the more I know, the more I can help ;)

Your Boonigan from Boonatix

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