(Seasonal Softcore) <Wizard> looking for clan - new to 70 farming T6 solo

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Hello, my name is Wardal. I recently quit EQ2 and came back to diablo 3, after not playing since the release of RoS. I started a few days ago and have about 20 hours played, playing about 6 or so hours a night. I am in the US Eastern Timezone and mostly play sometime within the hours of 6pm-2am EST.


Looking for an active clan of somewhat serious players who can also joke around and have fun, who has active players during the hours I play. Doesn't have to be the largest or most progressed clan, just want likeminded and active people who I can play with. Would rather have a smaller clan with very active players than a large one with people who never play.


I have completed the season objectives for the 6 piece Firebird's and have a couple pieces of Vrys and Tal Rashas. I have a couple Legendary gems and still farming more. I have been mostly playing about T6 which I can quickly clear solo, and using the cube when I can for upgrades.


Here is my profile (keep in mind I am often switching around my build for different situations and also experimenting, so it may not be my main build)


You can reply here or message me in game (battle net id- wardal#1471 ) Thank you for your time

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