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So, basically, this is my current setup:

I also got Prydaz, which, as You know, now also gives 1 247 haste, possible setups, with substitudes  below:



I got 2% more mastery, and 3% crt. I lose 1% of haste and fall below 30% cap, but its possible that i'll make it up with well fed, I also lose 372 STR. What's more i think 820k absorb every 30 sec is much more useful for our raid group, than stupid speed boost from boots. What do You think? 

Tell me if links don't work, I'll upload them elsewhere



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There is actually not a haste cap, but mastery simply overtakes haste past 30% haste. Haste is still the 2nd best stat until you get to 50% haste and it becomes weak. Also those boots for warriors are a joke as they are just stat sticks, since warriors are already mobile enough with heroic leap and double time charge in pretty much all cases. The neck actually does something besides being a stat stick and you passively heal for 27.3k hps with the neck. You probably lose something like 5-8k dps with the neck over the boots, but the hps more than makes up for it.

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