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Hi fellow shamans!

I had recently re-rolled from a UH DK. Geared up in no time and started to raid with my guild. But i feel like i can do much more dps with my gear (on the shown fights, i hadn't my legendary yet)'thul/blueneck

EDIT: ran en hc, here are logs from some fights, where i had logged :D

current dps on dummy, no flask no food, only pots as seen on the images below :D 

But it is a dummy...  what should i improve/do differently? 



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The biggest thing I can see -- looking at your Guarm fight, as that's a pretty good "turret" fight -- is your FS uptime is around 67%. In comparison, my uptime the last time we did Guarm was 97.14%, and that's low for me.


Beyond that, there are some nit-picky things: you only potted once and it was at the end of the fight with no CDs up; you had no food buff; and your LvB and LB casts seem low. To compare, I had 51/55 LvB/LB casts versus your 46/34. I have 2% less haste than you. I don't know if it's because of "silent movement," or other circumstances, but you should be casting more.


Summary, keep your FS up, watch your movement and keep it to a minimum, and eat/pot.

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