Noob Here: Question about Stat Priority

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Hi guys,

I am a noob and I am making a "Crusader Holy Hammerdin Build with Blessed Hammer and Seeker of Light" and I am following the guide by Deadset.

I have read it over and over again, but I don't understand what "Stat Priority" is regarding items and everything that has to do with "rolling".

Could someone please explain it to me and guide me in the right direction?

I apologize if my question is not easy to answer.

Here is the link to the guide:

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Hi Thong (Big fan of the name)

The "rolling" refers to the Mystic NPC and the ability to choose an existing property on a piece of gear and "rolling" a new one in it's place. The "Stat priority" is a list of what is most valuable to have on every piece of gear and you should try to aim to have similar stats on your items, if not, you can re-roll one of them but keep in mind that once you've selected a stat/property to re-roll on an item, this cannot be undone.

Take the shoulders as an example, if your shoulders is missing either Strength or Vitality you should make sure it has them both since it's the top 2 priorities and look for a stat on your shoulders that isn't on the list and get rid of it in exchange for a preferred one.

Does that help?

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