How much dps should I be doing as Frost?

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Sup everyone. So i've been wondering how much dps I should be doing as frost. My artifact weapon is all leveled up and as of right now I have a 7.5% dmg bonus on top of that from the level 35 traits. On most mythic+ bosses i'm pulling around 410k+ dps and during opening burst phase i'm reaching up to 800k+. My stats are as follows. I have 30% crit, 22% haste, and 20% mastery. If possible can you guys tell me what your stats are and about how much consistent dps your doing? Not talking about burst phase but talking about afterwards. I just wanna know if i should tweak my stats with all this gear i got in my bags.

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Tbh you can't really tell off what you told me. I need too know armory, what legendaries, what level of m+, what artifact level you are at. While you said 7.5 I'm not sure if you mean 7.5+5% or just 7.5%. Also m+ isn't a good way to compare because of many reasons.

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