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Mistweaver Gemming ilvl 540+ and BIS?

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I have a question for Gemming acually i have gemmed Crit > Int but i am not sure if this is the best setup. I have looked up a few monks in WoWProgress with an identically ilvl they all gem int>crit so i am a little bit confused which is the best way.

I am playing 25M with an very mana friendly setup so i can reforge all spirit to other stats.


I know the head isnt BIS but my alternative is

Hood of Smoldering Flesh

Fire-Charm Mantle

both 2 times upgraded but i think the TFHC Shoulder and the HC head are better, i don't know i think its very equal. What do you think about 4pc is it worth it i think 4 pc is strong as an example Leishen Thunderstruck you can Thunder Focus Tee every single time.

My BIS goal is

Hood of Smoldering Flesh

and the shoulder i already have. What i am also interestet in which Raden items do you use do you change from 4pc to 2pc?^^


My Character Link







An other Question what do you think about 5.4 PTR i think the new Rushing Jade Wind will be very strong.


Thanks for all answers. Omg my english isn't good at all :P

Kind Regards


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Don't worry about using 4pc, its not really that great (other than maybe on tortos) and it gives you mastery.


For gemming, IMO 2 crit > 1 int because it gives pretty identical (maybe slightly more) throughput on top of giving you more mana tea stacks.


Also, this is what I think BiS is





Two changes you could probably make are Ra-Den ring and Ra-den boots, but but its meh.

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Hey Krazy,

ty for your help hmm i think youre right 4pc isnt very strong.

What do you think about ptr changes actually i like the changes. The new rushing jade wind is very cool The only thing what i think is a litte bit op are the restodruids the change are so strong. The other Healer are very equal everyone has strong and weak points. Lets wait for 25M testing maybe there are some changes :)

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