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Help with holy priest logs

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I'm looking for any tips or suggestion on areas you can see improvement in based off of my nighthold logs in the last 4 bosses and off my armory and stats. I've been trying to go for 45% mastery and then into crit but want to hear other people's advice. I also am in need of trinket advice and what to go for and where I could be using bonus rolls. 



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First you don't need to get 45% mastery, your echo of light already is the biggest source of heal. In fact echo of light is overhealing a lot. So you can lose some mastery and get more crit for more uptime on blessing of t'uure.  

Another thing, you need to cast PoM as soon it come of cd. It would improve a few things like: More renew (from benediction), more sanctify casts (from piety), more rammal's buff (from gloves) which will cause bigger heals from flash heal and serenity.

And for last you don't want cast heal, or filler spell is flash heal.

As for the trinkets, we don't have a lot of options. Ephemeral Paradox from Elisande only work with heal. Aluriel's Mirror from Spellblade Aluriel don't proc so much. Perfectly Preserved Cake from Trilliax need the other people on the raid to click on it.

Or best option for trinket is Etraeus' Celestial Map from Star Augur Etraeus. It increase your mastery, haste, or crit by 5632 for 8 sec and each one has it own proc, meaning you can get 2 or even 3 at same time.

And as a bonus a little tip because of the cloak that i found out recently, but I didn't tested yet. You can use a potion like leytorrent before die then when you come back to life you can use it again.

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