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Pandaria Quests Bugged?

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First off I'd like to apologise if this topic is in the wrong section of the forums, I shall gladly remove and replace to the appropriate forum is need be.

But onto my topic. I'm going for an achievement in Pandaria of which you have to kill all Six of the Negative Emotion. (Tranquil Master achievement.) But two of them require you to do quests, and I'm trying to get to them but the ones I have to start off with are.... bugged. The quests don't make the person I have to turn in to or interact with appear. One of the quests I know I have to do is Finding Yi-Mo, I can accept it but Yi-Mo does not appear where they are. I've seen videos and screenshots of their location and it doesn't not appear for me. Another quest I feel I might need is His Name Was.... Stormstout. It requires me to talk to Chen Stormstout, again I've looked up where to find him and he does not appear and thus I cannot turn in the quest, it doesn't even show the turn in anywhere on the map!

My apologies if this doesn't make sense in some way, I'm bad with explaining. But if someone can assist, I'll truly appreciate it! 

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Okay, apparently logging out and in again fixes it, it seems? Apologies for making a post then just finding the resolution in the same day. Shall I keep the topic up or not?

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Whenever something like this occurs

  • Try to abandon and accept the quest.
  • Delete the /Cache folder located inside your WoW installation folder and relaunch the game.
  • If the problem persists, try to contact support via an in-game ticket or live chat.

I experienced similar issues like two expansions ago, when players were auto-accepting quests that phased you, but phasing is likely not the issue in this case.

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