[Lightbringer-Mazrigos][A] <Kraken> (7/7H, 3/3H,10/10 HC) Recruiting all roles!

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About us:

Kraken was formed in July 2015. We have been well established on Lightbringer and raiding ever since. We are a non-hardcore Social Raiding guild. Most of us are in our late twenties our early thirties, have high-end raiding experience, and still desire to see new content (at Heroic level) but not raid 3+ nights a week. Therefore we only raid 2 nights a week, to take it easy.

Our raid team currently consists out of 15 to 20 players, and we're looking for more people to come and join us! 

We offer you:

- 2 nights of raiding per week (Wednesday and Sunday from 8.30 - 11 PM Servertime)
- Teamspeak 3 server
- A 100% drama free environment and a friendly approach
- Personal Loot (We trade off & roll for unwanted items)

Our current progress

- 7/7 (Heroic) Emerald Nightmare
- 3/3 (Heroic) Trial of Valor
- 10/10 (Heroic) Nighthold

Our current goal:

Clear Normal Nighthold before we start Heroic Nighthold within a couple of weeks and collect Tiersets.

[Edit 14/04] We've cleared Heroic Nighthold a few weeks ago, until Tomb of Sargeras we'll continue to run Heroic raids as well as give Mythic a try.

We expect from you:

- Availability during Wednesday / Sunday raids
- Mature character
- Full preparation for Raids (Food, Flask, Gems, Enchants)

We are looking for great players in all roles, but in particular currently need:

- DPS Classes (all welcome)

Our website is krakenguild.eu.

For more information, give me a whisper in game on Eloise#2377.

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