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Sephuz's Secret - buged ?

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I would like to say Hello, i'm new on the forum.  And I'm looking a smart guy who could tell me how's posible that my ring proc on bosses whit no adds.  Proc it's a bug or smth ?https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gwTXKPbqVyBDYz3j#fight=15&type=auras&source=10&ability=208052&by=target&options=16  :



My teory is that Army somehow proc a ring in the begining but i need confirmation. 

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it's worked like this since release and it was buffed in 7.1.5 to allow to be procced on more triggers. unlikely to be fixed as it's not game breaking/balance affecting (as in power lvl is still under class/spec specific legendaries for everyone).

Smash works on bosses b/c of the dmg component even though the stun is ignored, unlike regular stuns that dont deal dmg.

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