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Just a few thoughts about arena.


I started Arena in December and I like playing it quite a lot.

Personally I prefer Warlock, Priest, Paladin. If none of them are available Mage.

Other chars I haven't played - and hope I wont have to^^

How do you like arena? Which class do you prefer?


Here some stats:

I played 40 Arenas.

Average wins: 4,8 -> That isn't bad imo, but not fantastic either.

But with this wins I managed to get a netto gold gain of 2040 + 780 dust.

(Each pack I got was defined as 100 gold and each card I got was counted as "dusted")

-> IMO playing arena is quite worth it, under one condition: You can use every pack you get. If you don't need MSoG packs playing Arena wouldn't be profitable.

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