Heroes Global Championship 2017: Jan 22

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HGC 2017 started and we bring you the latest news including standings, match results and VODs.

Heroes of the Storm Global Championship 2017

Qualified Teams

Below is a list of teams qualified for HGC 2017.

North America

tempo-storm.png Tempo Storm team-freedom.png Team Freedom
b-step.png B Step no-tomorrow.png No Tomorrow
gfe.png Gale Force eSports superstars.png Superstars
naventic.png Team Naventic team-8.png Team 8


dignitas.png Team Dignitas begenius.png beGenius
fnatic.png Fnatic tricked-esport.png Tricked esport
misfits.png Misfits diamond-skin.png Diamond Skin
team-expert.png Team expert team-synergy.png Synergy

Latest Results

North America

January 20 (Friday)

11:00 PM Tempo Storm 857KR3KJLVHE1484009487943.png 3:2 naventic.png Team Naventic VOD

January 21 (Saturday)

1:30 AM Team 8 team-8.png 3:0 no-tomorrow.png No Tomorrow VOD
11:00 PM Superstars 12B5BSOLQG3I1484279990175.png 3:1 IBH1U7FOQFYI1484009249489.png Team Freedom VOD


January 20 (Friday)

6:00 PM Team Dignitas 1VFKRIRXE2KP1484009881892.png 0:3 C35ETM5E4TQE1484266897591.png Misfits VOD
8:30 PM Team expert team-expert.png 3:0 diamond-skin.png Diamond Skin VOD

January 21 (Friday)

6:00 PM beGenious 84HW4P5G6XT31484009797331.png 1:3 team-synergy.png Synergy VOD
8:30 PM Fnatic fnatic.png 3:1 B69GPRVIE2TH1484010062929.png Tricked esport VOD

Current Standings

North America

      W-L Streak Game W-L
1. team-8.png Team 8 1-0 +1 3-0
2. 12B5BSOLQG3I1484279990175.png Superstars 1-0 +1 3-1
3. 857KR3KJLVHE1484009487943.png Tempo Storm 1-0 +1 3-2
3. LP2VRE3ZUOB41484779287083.png Gale Force eSports 1-0 +1 3-2
5. IBH1U7FOQFYI1484009249489.png Team Freedom 0-1 -1 1-3
6. b-step.png B-Step 0-1 -1 2-3
6. naventic.png Team Naventic 0-1 -1 2-3
6. no-tomorrow.png

No Tomorrow

0-1 -1 0-3


      W-L Streak Game W-L
1. team-expert.png Team expert 1-0 +1 3-0
1. C35ETM5E4TQE1484266897591.png Misfits 1-0 +1 3-0
3. team-synergy.png Synergy 1-0 +1 3-1
3. fnatic.png Fnatic 1-0 +1 3-1
5. 84HW4P5G6XT31484009797331.png beGenius 0-1 -1 1-3
5. B69GPRVIE2TH1484010062929.png Tricked esports 0-1 -1 1-3
7. 1VFKRIRXE2KP1484009881892.png Team Dignitas 0-1 -1 0-3
7. diamond-skin.png

Diamond Skin

0-1 -1 0-3


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