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Trying to Understand Resto. Druid

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Greeting all,
This will be a bit long post so sorry in advance. I started to play Resto Druid when Legion came. I was playing Discipline Priest before. So it was a new class and completely different mechanics for me. So I researched and played lots and lots. I tried different item combinations with different talent combinations to find proper healing for Mythic + and Raids. So far I was satisfied. My equipped ilvl is around 884-885 and when I enter raids I started to lose first 2 spots at HPS and it buggs me. At the end of this post there are links of some sets published via using "askMrRobot" and I basically want your opinions about this amazing class. So there is my few long questions. Sorry for inconvenience.

*The main thing is "Haste"... This dammed thing is really bugging me. It was capped before but they removed it. There is no basic HasteCap anymore for extra tick. But what about softcap. By saying softcap i mean when Haste doesnt effect as much as before. There are lots of things about it but i am not sure. I basically hold my haste around 20%ish and I prio mastery for Dungeons and Crit for Raids. But recently I tried different approach. I forgot haste and rushed for Crit/Mastery and it really responded well at the Dungeons. Problem is starting from this point because whatever I do it with my talents it works... :D except low haste at raid... So what is your thoughts about it. and lets dont forget about trinkets. :D

*Second thing is talents. Damn its harder than haste thing... :D Lots of people go for CenarionWard(CW) for first talent. It works perfectly at Dungeons but lots of druids are mainly using it in the raids too. Is bonus Swiftmend with Soul of the Forest(SOTF) is really that ineffective? So when people go for CW they basically get Cultivation too. I understand why they do that but does SOTF that bad? What about 90lvl talent. Ok Spring Blossoms(SB) works perfectly when raid stay together like Ursoc-Guarm and Krosus figts. Apart from that they basically go for Inner Peace(IP) for more Tranq in fights. I got that but in smaller raids like 10 man isnt Germination better? And lastly about 100 talent. I generally go for Flourish for mana conservation with Innvervate but is it better than Stonebark? English not my native language so I didnt get that talent very much. Does it give 20% bonus HOT effect to the target that is used or the all hots that are you using? If it gives everyone 20% bonus that have HOTS, its really must have to talent in my opinion. I basically beg for you Ideas about talents. I focused on raid healing because Dungeon healing is OP already.

If you did reach this far in my topic, thanks for your patience :) I have lots to ask but this is a starting point. I basically want to understand Resto Druid better and perform better. I hate to be second or third. So all help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

These are my general Items that are combined in different ways. There are others and if you have item suggestions be free :)

Balanced Set: http://pastebin.com/va8Xs6xM
Max Haste Set: http://pastebin.com/vcavT3Dh
Haste/Mastery: http://pastebin.com/mHsTVgna


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There is no ideal build for all situations.

Prosperity (bonus Swiftmend) + SotF isn't remotely as bad as most are trying to make of it as if provides superb AoE burst on demand (with Flourish on top of it WG can easily do 4mil healing). On the other hand there are fights when keeping everyone topped is very hard to achieve, thus keeping them alive becomes priority and that's what makes Cultivation preferred choice.

As for 90 level talent - it depends heavily on your healers composition and boss encounter. Inner Peace is great for fights with massive raid wide burst (i.e. Guarm). Germination generally falls behind if you have a holy pala or monk in your group, but it's perfectly viable if you need extra tank/spot healing and I actually use it most of the time because we have kind of bad healing comp (rdruid, rdruid, disc priest).

Stonebark + gloves (X'oni's Caress) restores almost dead tank to full health in a second, but it's only worth if you don't have a designated tank/spot healer in a group.

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s bonus Swiftmend with Soul of the Forest(SOTF) is really that ineffective

No it isn't. I use it all the time.

I sacrifice overall HPS to get one more instant heal (the only we have) + a nice buff on the next AOE heal. I don't really care if it lower the HPS, it saves asses.

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Haste :

I'd say try to have ~20% haste, and balance other stats, the more you have on one stat, the better are the others.

Don't forget versatility, it's not a bad stat now.


Talents :

Except being poor in terms of HPS, the thing is that synergy between prosperity and SotF is awful. 

1 - Having to cast a single target heal to gain a burst aoe when you need it, isn't efficient and logical.

2 - If you want to have full benefit of SotF, it means you have to cast swiftmend almost on cooldown, leaving you without your only instant saver.... 

3 - if you use swiftmend regularly, prosperity is just a 3 cd reduction, don't you prefer a new awesome hot on 30s cd ?


Cultivation is really awesome, it's passive, procs a lot on people who need it as long as they have a rejuv, have a good synergy with mastery (1 free hot !!!), essence of ghanir, flourish, tearstone of elune, T19 4P, ....


Lvl 90 talents are all good, depending on fight, raid comp, other healers,....

IP is better in terms in HPS, but requires you tu use tranq on cooldown, and early in fight, so not really easy to time on some fights...

Stonebark just heal your target for +20%, flourish is better to raid healing. (that's what druids are for ^^)



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