MM Hunter Needs DPS Help

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I need some serious help learning how to optimize my dps output for MM.

I'm struggling with these changes. My ilvl is 879, but my dps output is on the low end of, if not below, 300k.
I'm just not doing well. I am following the MM hunter rotation guidelines by Azortharion on Icyveins, but either I'm missing something or the heat of battle just has me doing wonky stuff.

Can someone please help me out? 
Here is a link to my most recent logs for NH: Player name is Tíkí

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Comparing your Krosus kill to that of ours, we have an 892 MM hunter that I'll be comparing it to. I will take into consideration ilvl / set bonus / trinkets.

First off, your gear is pretty solid, your mastery is quite high, which is good. Your legendaries aren't bad. go through that and you'll see where you've gone wrong, but I'll explain some pointers briefly below.

You need more practise at not focus capping, you spent more than a quarter of the fight focus capped. Try practising against target dummies in your order hall and following the rotation exactly; if you were following it exactly right you'd have a lot less issue with that.

With the opener and I'm assuming you guys hero/lusted before the fight as it's not visible on WCL; try to perfect this as best you can, as that sets up your dps for the rest of the fight. WCL shows you burst at 500k, the hunter I'm comparing you to burst at 1200k.

You wasted a Trueshot by using it mid-fight - save it for execution phase.

In general it seems you're spending too much time generating focus and not anywhere near enough time spending it - tomorrow that will be an easy fix as arcane shot now generates 8 focus. Biiiig dps increase there, so that's a positive.

Try really practising your rotation but making sure you're not focus capping yourself, and if you do focus cap yourself, don't hold it for ages. If you get to focus cap without a Marked Shot proc, just cast an aimed shot and keep going with the focus generation til it does.

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