Asking For Assistance - Fury Warrior

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Hopefully, I've followed all the rules for things to add

1. Armory
2. Fury Warrior (11 pts in Titanic Power)
3. Most recent log

What I'm trying to accomplish - Overall DPS Increase. Looking to be closer to 50% and higher relative to Ilvl. I'm fairly sure there's something I'm missing in my rotation but I can't figure it out. I leverage weakauras to track buffs/count-downs etc. 

Thanks for any possible help

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Go here and input your warcraft logs report ID and select your name and process all fights.  Select the fight and go to cast efficiency and it will tell you where you are lacking.  You want to be at 100% of course. It has really helped me.  I have gone up about 100k dps just by maxing my efficiency.  I am about 80~95% atm.

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