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Hey everyone! I'm looking to boost my dps even more, I feel like I'm lacking a little. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my logs .  Give me some tips on a better rotation  or tips on anything.

Player name: Sithofone:

My log:  

My guild logs for Nighthold:

Thank you guys for your input .

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Hey man, the first real problem I see are your trinkets.

Trinkets can greatly effect dps and some can offer little to no benefit. For an example the spontaneous appendages offer little to nothing for DH's as they do not proc anything and they do little damage. 2nd PVP trinkets can be effective but only when at very high ilv as their stats can be better than other trinket effects. Some of the best trinkets you can get your hands on now as a dps are Bloodthirsty instinct, eye of command and the new nightmare frond from botanist.

Otherwise you will need to do some research looking at guides to assist you with maximising your dps.

One trick I have learned while using felblade is to combo it with fel rush accordingly.

using fel rush and immediately fel blading can give you that extra 200k damage from fel rush while not wasting a global allowing you to AA again and continue with your rotation. This is not always viable but it can give you that edge. 

You most likely just need to keep playing and practicing to learn the best times to use your CD's and abilities to maximise dps and not waste fury etc.

Best of luck man.

Here is a link to my char and some logs from a guild run last week:

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