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I ran three sims to compare trinkets, but the results seem... incorrect.

Fight length is at 450 sec, 10,000 iterations, Patchwerk style, copy/pasted from the SimCraft addon command. Literally the only change between the three tests was the trinket.

855 ilvl: 1356 Agi + 997 Haste
860 ilvl: Aran's (no set)
865 ilvl: Winds

In order, they simmed
471,734 (!!!)

The trinket it's paired with is an 865 Bloodthirsty with a 150 mastery gem. My legendaries are the 940 belt and 940 helm, I do not have 2 or 4 set. Depending on the trinket, I'm between 885 and 886 ilvl. My weapon lvl is 42, and ilvl is 904 with Spitting Cobras, Unleash the Beast, and Focus of the Titans relics (I know they aren't optimal but the +ilvl heavily surpassed what was in there).

I'm not sure how the 855 is simming so ridiculously high, but I sort of don't trust it? Is anyone needs any more information, I'm happy to give it.

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Aran's got nerfed, it's awful for BM now, and Twisting Winds was nerfed shortly after the release of EN. 

Those results seem about right given the haste and agi you'd get from the stat stick. you may find slightly more even results in-game however. I recommend trying out several 2 minute fights on your target dummies with the trinkets, both single target and aoe, to test it.

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I ended up not getting around to dummy testing, but I just raided with the haste stat stick. 
You would be correct, my numbers saw a pretty significant jump. I wish I had something that was actually quite good, but since I don't, I'll just be using this silly rabbit foot for now.

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