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Socketed Jewelry

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but when considering  socketed jewelry for legendary gems, are the stats or the effect of the gem more important? I know that ideally we'd like the socketed items to have high stats, but with the items I have, even the Ancient items, my socket jewelry has much lower stats than the non- socketed items. For example, My character usually wears the Eye of Elitch. When put on my  Hellfire Amulet with the Bane of the Trapped, my stat values drop considerably.


 Where should my prime focus be? Any advice would be appreciated.



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Socket > Everything

Well, not exactly, if you have the choice between an item with 4 usefull stats and an item with socket + 3 useless stats the item with 4 useful stats is better.

But each piece of jewelry that hasn't a socket is bad, bad, bad.

The legendary gems are extremly important and add tons to your damage / survivability.

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Certain affixes on jewelery .. like crit-chance and crit-damage and attack-speed are weighed very heavily in the damage shown on your 'sheet' and in the comparisons of equipment  ... when you get a good ring with good affixes, you have to negate one of those damage-adders in order to add a socket, which then hurts the rings value (as far as sheet damage goes) .... also, the affixes with an orange diamond next to it are NOT factored in to the comparison the game shows. (YOU have to access these values) ... when looking at jewelery without sockets, mentally deduct the affix you have to sacrifice in order to get a socket before considering it a good piece of equipment ... factor in the secondary affixes (which cannot be a socket) .. an elemental resist is better than thorns or pickup radius (except when its not :p )


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