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Patch 7.2: Achievements & Order Hall Advancement

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New achievements in 7.2 are tied to flying in Legion, collecting armor sets, unlocking new Artifact traits and reputation paragon. Order Class quests continue and two new tiers were added to Order Hall Advancement that can be researched.

Patch 7.2: Build 23436


Most of the achievements are related to unlocking new Artifact traits, reputation paragon and flying in Legion.

Order Hall Advancement

In Patch 7.2 there are two new tiers you can research. 

Tier 7

Research takes 60 minutes and costs 20,000 Order Resources.




Tier 8

Research takes 5 days and costs 15,000 Order Resources.


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Ok here's my question and I'd appreciate a reply. For shamans, will it be better to go for another champion instead of another troop?

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On 1/24/2017 at 5:11 AM, Dejo93 said:

Ok here's my question and I'd appreciate a reply. For shamans, will it be better to go for another champion instead of another troop?

Personally I say since there are only so many important missions (high gold and ap bonus reward missions) and also missions that reward for doing mythic. I personally don't get alot of those per day I think the extra troop would be worth it. I wonder personally if it is like our ascendents and just one or if it is more. It is a possible bonus of I believe 45% 15% more or less likely for whatever it counters* and the 30% base. That can push a two champ mission into a good territory. Another question that is less important about them is how many times they can go out before being done. But that is me and I feel that another champion is unneeded for me.

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The troop counters one random menace and gives 30% boost, while a champion has a fixed skill and counter, both are alike, I think you should go with what youd rather have, the flexibility of the random troop, or the certainty of the extra champ

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