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Help me with my Dps rotation

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Well I'm a fire, and  Idk how to upgrade my current dps... SimulatorCraft says I will do 430k dps but I just doing 290k and 330k and burst between 400-600k
... this is my gear



my rotation:

1) pre pot (2 sec before start)

2)arcane rune


4)fire bolt (proc crit)/scroch

5) combustion

6)scorch/fenix/fire explo and proc Pyro


when life  is down of 30% only scorch and  other thing

please JALP xD


PD: Sorry for my bad english.

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Welcome to Icy-Veins brujochilote :)


First things first: You can't really compare the values from simcraft to your DPS ingame. I think you calculated a patchwork fight, which is pure singletarget without moving at all. These are perfect factors, which don't apply to most ingame fights ;) So it's normal that you don't reach the values which you calculated.


More than that, your rotation isn't right:

If you cast RoP instantly after the pull, it won't last over your hole comb time or you have to cast RoP while comb is running, which is really bad. Start with fireballs, till you've got an instant pyro, then do your normal burst and with your second RoP you should use meteor (and after that on CD, unless you will cast RoP shortly).
If the target is below 30% replace fireball with scorch, but follow the normal rotation. And yes if you've got time use dragonbreath on CD.

The rotation hasn't really changed with 7.1.5, so you can have a look in the guide for a more detailed look :)

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