[Blackhand][H]<Technical Difficulty> (7/7H EN 10/10 N NH) LF Casual raiders!

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Hey!  Looking for a mature(immature) group of people to joke around with while having fun seeing content that WoW has to offer? Then hit us up on Blackhand (or galakrond, but nobody likes galakrond) and raid with some of the most diverse cast of dummies this side of Azeroth!

We raid Fridays at 8pm central and Sundays 7pm central for 3 hours each night. We are currently looking for RDPS and healers but all will be considered. We are very laid back and joke around a lot. Most of us are 25+ and play a fair bit of games outside of WoW for some added diversity in this glorious age of gaming.

If you're interested or have any questions feel free to message the following:

Beefsteak#1732 in Battle.net or LtStud on reddit and ingame.
RageEXE#1908 in Battle.net or RageEXE on reddit. You can also contact me on these forums or via ingame mail to Loverocket.

Also check out our twitter handle @Techdguild!

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