Apologies to Felbirttok and friends

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I apologize for killing the Warbringer.

I am very, truly sorry for not having general chat on and missing your plea to not attack the Warbringer in Dread Wastes this morning.

I was out flying, looking for Scouts to farm rep tokens for a new alt, and saw that you and your ally had already engaged a scout that must have just spawned (since it was at the start of the pathway).

I incorrectly assumed you weren't after the Warbringer that was just sitting there since you went after the Scout instead.

I do agree it was an unforgivable offense, made only worse by the fact i already have all 3 mounts.

I know that this apology will never bring you the justice you deserve, but i do actually feel bad for snaking your kill. I know i can never be forgiven, but i hope someday i might be able to make it up to you.


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ive never considered it possible to steal a tag, since if you hit it first you get the tag. what is the benefit to getting mad about rare spawn tags? do people just enjoy getting mad so much they need to go looking for reasons now?

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