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Last night I ran LFR after my guilds raid and got the tier cloak, which is a 30 ilvl downgrade over the one i'm currently using.

Currently using: Dreadlord's Tattered Wingcover Titanforged 890 with 1,112 Agility, 1,668 Stam, 485 Crit, and 409 Vers

LFR tier cloak: 860 ilvl, 841 Agility, 1,261 Stam, 246 Vers, 555 Mastery

What i'm wondering is if the 2pc bonus (When using Bestial Wrath, all of your currently summoned Dire Beasts gain +50% increased damage for 15s) is strong enough to forgo the 890 cloak for this tier cloak for the bonus, considering i'd be losing 271 agility, 485 Crit, and 163 Versa to gain the 2pc bonus and the 555 Mastery? When I get a second piece that is. BTW my mastery IS low @ 9163/70% unbuffed

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Well, last night in heroic I got very very lucky, I got four tier pieces, and since then my dps has gone up by 105k in my sims. I found that after getting 2pc that it was a noticeable difference in dps too. 

For that small stat drop yes, it would definitely be worth 2pc. 2pc is still a very strong dps upgrade.

In going up 10 ilvls last night, I dropped 15% mastery but I gained about 6k agi, and my kill command hit for the same as it did 10 ilvls ago but even things like my cobra shit hit for about an extra 150k on average, so don't stress about the mastery once you get things like tier sets. 

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