[Duskwood & Bloodhoof][H] <What> (9/10N 3/10H 1/7M, 3/3H) Recruiting Ranged DPS

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California Gurls raid group of <What> is recruiting ranged DPS.   We raid Thursday & Friday from 9pm - midnight EST. 

We're a raid group that has been together in one form or another since MoP.   We're "medium-core" in that we like to do challenging content but don't push it to the bleeding edge of progression. We've gotten Ahead of the Curve in every raid since Highmaul, and started moving into Mythic EN, where we enjoyed some success before losing a few people due to real-life stuff.

We have our own Slack site where we hang out and shoot the stuff outside of raid times. We also have our own website that one of our main tanks made for funsies. Fair warning: turn down your sound

We're not expecting you to be a 99th-percentile DPS in every fight. What we do expect is for you to have consistent attendance, keep up with your class/spec changes, know the fights and to try to perform to the best of your abilities. We also (more importantly) expect you to not be a turdbag, personality-wise.

If all of this sounds good to you, you can contact sidequest#11933 or Towateke#1840 for more info.

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