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Stats ranking frost DK

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I'm an iLvL 886 frost DK, not running BoS. I am raiding only as frost. My build is :

Allways Icy talons, frozen pulse, icecap, (winter is coming and whitewalker). Then i mess around with the last two talents according to encounter, but I dont take BoS. Most of the time its OB + RA or GS.

Here are my stats : 26% crit, 26% haste, 31% Mastery, 4% Versatility.

The thing is, i've never very well understood what's written in the Icy veins guide : 

  1. Strength;
  2. Haste (until 20%);
  3. Critical Strike (until 25%);
  4. Versatility;
  5. Critical Strike >= Haste (until 30% Haste);
  6. Mastery;
  7. Haste.

As I understand it, Since I do have the 2 soft caps at 20 and 25% of haste and crit, I should focus on versatily > crit... until I can get to 30% haste (new soft cap ?) 

For a long time SimCraft told me that versatility was above everything else, so I went for versatility gems / enchants on my items, using items advised by AMR. But now, SimC is suddenly saying that Hast is the best, while AMR keeps as allways saying that crit is better (for gems and enchants). But when I swap my set to prioritise Simcraft's stat's weight (using pawn), my DPS drops down a lot. So I don't know what to do ^^

TL/DR : I'm a bit lost and really dont know which stats I should aim for on my new items, or what to gem and enchant on my current gear. So I'd be glad to get any advice :) I know you are supposed to sim this, which I did, but would like some human wisdom.





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Versa was really strong for OBRA spec, because OB is physical and don't get any benefit from Mastery. When you have some break point in haste (with is in final GCP lock) and Crit (witch is cut by KM proc) Versa become the best stat around, provide a bit dps for OB and the rest of the rotation. While the old MG focus more on Mastery because of Frocyth

real StatWeigh depend the build you are running, and maybe you can count on the ecounter you want to sim.
It's not the same if you play OBRA, BoS, St ou AoE type.

For me (as exemple) : I'm running OBFOG (3123332) sim give me the current stat weigh order :

Str (1) Hast(0.80) Mastery(0.77) Versa(0.75) Crit(0.72)
Running with Crit food i have 30%Crit, 22% haste, 33%Mastery and 6% Versa.
In AoE 2+ condition, Mastery is more valuable (many fights in NH are AoE Friendly), 25% at least of my dps come from HB, the reste is split between RW, BoS and others stuff, Mastery is more valuable here.

I just made some change yersterday, droop a bit hast (24 to 22) and crit (30 to 29) for more Mastery. I'll give it a try and wait to see what it does. Maybe it's not the best advice but, let's play and try things to see what it seem the best for us. Stat weigh give similar value for every stat beside Str.


I'm talking with another player (MMO Champ) and he got that :


Edit: When I use food to get 21.39% Haste, scaling drops behind Strenght towards 14.66 (0.88), which puts it in line with your scaling.
1% Haste, thats only like 0.01 on the GCD, can't see how it could make such a huge scaling difference (1.03 -> 0.88).

His haste SW is so hight, but with just 375 haste, it loose so much in valuability. Where is the light in this? Just play how you feel better to be more effective in battle. (that what i think)

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