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Bad luck protection?

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I have been spending most of my time when I am not at work playing WoW, and I've started to lose faith in this so called "Bad Luck Protection" mechanic. I'm currently at 10 days (approx) played time at 110. 882 ilvl and I clear all my weekly lockouts and do countless mythic+ (Honestly I have no idea how many I've done... TOO MANY). I see people that are barely starting regular mythic dungeons that have 2 or 3 BiS legendary items , and i'm stuck with prydaz and shadow hunter (hunter helm). It just makes me furious to see people with so little content done with the best legendary items of that class and I've been working my tail off trying to get ONE good legendary. I know some are better than having none but honestly I would rather have a single good legendary than have those two smack in the face ones. I don't know why I try so hard to receive no reward.

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And what exactly is your question, what you wanna know or discuss? Are you interested if someone else have the same experience? I'm quite confused if you would just have created an account to share your frustraition about your legendary-droprate.

Bad luck protection won't lead to guaranteed BiS-legendary drops. I still haven't any legendary out of the 4 best. Bad luck protection just increases your drop-CHANCE the longer no legendary has dropped. So i got just one advice: keep calm, enoy the game and don't think about the legendary-system. It has no value if you do so ;-)

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