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Monk Brewmaster. DW vs. 2H

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so iv'e been reading into this a bit but have no real solid concrete on this topic so im making this post in the hopes that one of you math crazy people comes across this and enlightens me.

I've heard that dw increases elusive brew stacks over the 2h alternative but this does not really translate ingame for me.

I'd really like to hear any opinions on this, thanks :)

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For the majority of ToT I picked up 2 Wu-Lai's for the preference of the secondary stats. Stacking crit was obviously my main concern at the time and trying to maintain a decent amount of haste seemed beneficial to me. This strategy worked great up until about now. I'm able to maintain close to a 100% up time of elusive brew/my T15 2pc. This was great for my mitigation obviously, but now that my item level has reached a very high point and the 5.4 patch well on it's way, I ran across this post in regards to crit.




Because of this I've made a transition to a 2-handed weapon in preparations for 5.4 raid content. That being said, I have found that my damage has been significantly higher using dual wield and my meta seems to proc a tad more often. 

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