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Help me understand my MM dps:)

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Hello all

can someone help me understand my logs? (what do i do wrong in my rotation)
now my "logs" from our kill aint the best of tries for me, but its what i got an it seem to be where iam at with DPS

ive compared myself to a hunter friend..he has like 6ilvls on me but still he is at the other tip of the scale..he is 80% an up iam 15% an down according to logs (ilvl predicted dps)


the log ive looked at:)
then i did some numbers on me an him

ill write my shots first then his numbers under

AImed - Cast   - avg.cast  - hits  -   avg.hit    -   crit%  -  dmg
me:         70     -   1.15m   - 145  -  554,3k    - 36,6%   - 80,37
him:        64     -   1,62m   - 140   - 740,3     - 48,6%  - 103,21

Marked  -
me:         46  - 1.10m - 100 - 505,8k  - 42% - 49,64m
him         44  - 1,38  -     95  - 638,6   -  41,1%  - 58,87m

As i read this i shoot more then him, but due to bad gear i crit less and do less dmg pr shot so eventually his dps is alot higher ofc

but what i dont get..if its "gear" that makes me underpreform, why does the warcraftlogs shows me at 26% of ilvl an he is high 80s i dont get it
if he shot more etc etc id get it, but now i tr to work out why i preform so bad according to logs, and what i do wrong in my rotation?
but when i do as he says he does...i shot equal or more(could that be the error? i shoot too much?) i just dont get it:( clueless


please help a upset(or clueless) hunter

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I would not focus on comparing yourself to the other hunter as his logs are not great either. Your spec is all wrong for the fight. You are using a single target build and trinket for a fight with lots of adds.

Taking volley does not make ur spec aoe :P

You should check out Azors updated icy veins guide. Specifically the "meme" build. My logs were not great the first week of NH so I switched my spec and checked out some logs and now I am feeling pretty good about my dps/damage.

But even azors guide is not totally up to date. I searched for him on wow logs and if u look at his NH progress it will show the specs to use, which are not actually always the same as it says in his guide


However, on Trilliax and star aurgar I recommend using the single target spec on icy veins but all other fights and trash, run azors spec. You spam marked shot every time its up and just aimed shot when L&L procs or if u have no marked shots and also you have piercing shot/explosive shot for huge aoe. its a fun build and a lot more mobile. you will smash the other hunters in your guild if you run it properly.  GL!

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