Mirror Image, Ice Form and PVE

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I'm confused by something that I think is a bug, or maybe it is expected.  What's the deal with Mirror Images triggering Ice Form availability while not even in PVP?  I just discovered this while playing with Weak Auras and testing on the training dummies.  I'm on a PvE realm and not flagged.

It's pretty easy to see, if you have those two talents.    If I hit Icy Veins and then Mirror Image, Ice Form becomes immediately available.  This is expected behaviour?  Is there some talent or spell text somewhere that I've been missing that explains it?  When Ice Form fades (but before the mirror images do) the Ice Form button returns to Icy Veins.  Actually it looks like all my PvP talents become available with Mirror Images, because I just noticed Temporal Shield shows too.  Is this right? 

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