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I'm researching a lot on talents, rotation and stats, but I can not come to a conclusion as to why my dps is so low despite my ilvl not being bad.




My rotation : Rune>icyveins>ray of frost>frostbolt>rune>glacial spike>ebonebolt>icenova>icelance


If someone could help me I would be very grateful.

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I'm no expert but here's a few thoughts :)

I don't see any water elemental spells in the damage list - does the log in the link take into account pets? If not, then your actual dps is higher at least by 10-15%.

How much dps do you do when you don't need to move (i. e. order hall boss level construct)? Maybe movement in real boss fights just messes up your rotation timing and your build and actual rotation are not the main factor.

I don't have any logs to link right now but I usually do more dps than in your logs with lower ilvl, so see if you can get some increase in dps with my build. I practised rotation with various talents in order hall to check which set fits best - it's easier than to go on a raid with a different build every time and easier to compare results.

I use these talents (mostly from Icy Veins cheat sheet for AoE, just with ray of frost as it's comfortable for me and glacial spike so as not to completely kill all dps for single target):


My elemental is on assist, I use We Don't Wipe addon for rotation assistance. Rotation is mostly similar to what Icy Veins has, haven't checked step by step, could be actually exactly the same. From your logs I see that you do less damage with ice lance than I would expect and you have Magtheridon's bracers like me - usually I do almost as much with ice lance as with ray of frost. When I get instant flurry, I dump all fingers of frost first and cast flurry with ice lance on top (literally on top, you really have to be fast as there's only a second to benefit from winter's chill). And I use ebonbolt as much as I can to get instant flurry. I don't know if ebon>nova>lance from your rotation works as well.

Hope my two cents help some :)

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