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Ring of emptiness question

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Hey everyone, just a quick question: Does RoE works when enemy is affected by Haunt/Locust from another WD?

i.e. Friend runs Jade, and he spams that anyway, so I can just focus on channeling firebats?

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Not sure if this exactly answers your question, and not sure about nerfs since 2014 .. Paul is considered one of the resident WD gurus on that board .. (I think)


From: ... [VUDU] Jade SH, DoT & Area Damage  - https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/12943834736


When players group up, they usually have some questions regarding DoTs and debuffs.   


03/03/2015 08:42 PMPosted by EternalOne
    So can a monster be haunted by more than one source at the same time then?? If 4x Witch Doctors are in a game, the Rift Guardian can be haunted by all 4 at once?

Yes, you will see your Haunt DoT on your screen, and your friend will see his Haunt DoT on his screen. The damage is separate.

With regards to stacking, you will need different runes. Example, you cast Piranhado and your friend casts Frozen Piranhas. The target will debuff 30%. If both you and your friend cast Piranhado, the target will debuff 15% only.

As for multi-player Poison Haunt, the debuff does not stack because it is the same rune and the target is tagged with "Haunted", similar to "Frozen" or "Taunted" or "Charmed" or Bleed. Once the target is tagged, it becomes like an on/off toggle. So, a target that is haunted (slowed) will benefit all players with the BotT gem.

Just search " EternalOne" with your browser (Ctrl+F) to find that quote



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