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Really low ranking on warcraft logs

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19 hours ago, Perceptus said:


In previous expansions I have usually ranked 50+ %, this expansion im having issues getting rogue over 10.


Anything that may help me increase my performance?  

Thanks in advance

Your Nightblade uptime is really low, and your Symbols of Death uptime could also be improved by quite a bit. Make sure you aren't letting those abilities drop

Additionally, you want to try and get 4 uses of Shadowstrike every single time you Shadow Dance. It won't always be possible, but use SD at 75 Energy and go SS > SS > Evis (or Nightblade, if needed) > SS > SS. The only time you should not get 4 SS casts in is when you need to refresh Symbols of Death

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7 hours ago, Perceptus said:

During my rotation, should i apply the 2nd Nightblade immediately for Finality or wait until the first one runs its course?

You'll want to use it when the initial cast is around 5 seconds left, so it benefits from the Pandemic effect. A little above 5s for applying a 6CP Nightblade and a little below 5s for applying a 5CP Nightblade 

Edit: I should say that if your previous Nightblade was buffed with Finality, you should try and refresh without overwriting the buff at all - if you have to a little bit that's ok, but it'll reduce the damage if you do it too early

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2 hours ago, Perceptus said:

This helped my dps tons, rank is going up slowly. Thanks so much!

Any time you have more questions or want more tips, you know where to find me :P

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