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[Hyjal][H] <Council of Neckbeards> 6-9pst - Progression

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<Council of Neckbeards> is a newly formed raiding guild looking for dedicated people to join and build up our core raid team ( Healers/Tanks in high demand ) We run daily mythic +s low & high end keystones to help gear people and build up our teamwork.

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild.

About the GM:

I started this guild because I wanted to recapture that original wow community feel that I don't find in guilds anymore, most of them seem empty and soulless with people just dealing with one another to receive their weekly loot.

I missed logging on and being begged to join voice chat(Vent at the time if anyone remember that program haha), downing bosses and knowing these people had your back. No matter how harrowing the experience seemed you could always count on your team of "no life-ing neckbeards" lol

What we're looking for:

We're looking for team players who can take feedback well we aren't going to be rude about it but we expect people to want to work on themselves the leadership of the guild included.

We need people who are going to show up almost everyday and help push this guild together into higher content, our end goal is mythic raiding but we aren't bleeding edge we will progress at our own pace until we reach our goals.

What we desperately need:

A raid leader (An awesome person who is willing to work with the guild and organize raids, do the research on them and of course lead us to glory!)

An Off-tank or Main tank (A person willing to stare into the eyes of massive dragons and laugh at them! We have one tank already)

THE MAJOR "DEEPS" ! ( As weird as it sounds we lack in having people willing to punch crap in the face, well accept our glorious GM of course)

Some extra healers (Aoe/raid heals especially we have a great holy paladin but aren't adverse to inviting another)

A valuable team of motivated officers (People willing to work together to make this guild awesome our "Council of Neckbeards")

Our raid days:
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 6pm-9pm PST .

Everyone is expected to be fully gemmed/enchanted & supply your own Flasks/food upon raid time. Eventually we will work together to make the guild bank overflow with resources for our raiders but until then we need people to pull their own weight.

Discord is our main voice chat, we also fill out our applications in our discord text chat, people seem to find it easier than filling out one on a website.

Personal loot is our current form of loot distribution until we get into higher content. (We can discuss something else once our team is into higher difficulty raiding)

Once our team is into heroic progression (Hopefully quickly) we will farm NH normal (maybe N/H TOV or H EN) on personal loot for quick and easy gear that may Titan-forge or NH normal class set gear.

We hope to have you join our team and have some bantz with us, we may be a brand new guild but we're experienced players, give us a chance and you won't regret it! :D

Message or add for more info :
Lexydin-Hyjal , Btag: Koneko#11954 ~ Recruitment officer
Stonedfists-Hyjal , Btag: Kritpwns#1318 ~ Guild Master


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