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Guild Banned Over Star Augur Exploit: Video Added

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Monk shenanigans on Star Augur Etraeus lead to yet another ban in this Tier, after the much publicized Helya ones.


Update: Fusion have released their video of the kill, including the part that got them banned. It wasn't hearthstone related it seems, but a Monk used an ability to accomplish the same thing, aka get rid of the P3 add. There was/is another bug, involving hearthstone to do that, but apparently that was being used (for a short time) by another guild (who didn't get the kill and stopped using it), hence the small confusion.


The drama is accumulating again, as we have another ban in the top-end raiding community, after the three from Trial Of Valor/Helya. Russian guild Fusion surprised everyone earlier today as they were the first to follow Serenity and Exorsus to Elisande, and got a World third kill on Star Augur Etraeus, just 15 minutes before Method.

As it turns out, that World third wasn't going to last long. Fusion was banned for exploiting some hearthstone shenaningans (better not to go into too much detail there, suffice it to say it made the encounter much easier), and while we don't know for how long exactly, some rumors say until February 8th, which means they're pretty much out of the race. (Update: it's an 8 day ban.)

The other big news was, as we already mentioned, that Method have indeed joined Serenity and Exorsus on top, so we now have the three favorites battling it out for first access to Gul'dan. There are also 22 guilds just behind those three, on 7/10,  trying hard to down Star Augur, hopefully without resorting to dirty tricks like this.

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5 minutes ago, Canchero said:

i do not understand what happened

That's kind of the point, we can't really go into details about what exactly happened, Blizzard dont like exploits being distributed, but they used a hearthstone to make the fight easier :D

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1 hour ago, Huntaer said:

Had to be russians cheating again..

Shame on you for saying such a thing. I'm sick and tired of the nationalistic crap that is constantly thrown at the Russian community. That moderators here and on the official forums and in the game let this garbage exist is revolting. We have enough troubles in this world without bringing more tension and hatred into the games we play to escape them.

If they were cheating, or exploiting, they should be banned. But their nationality has nothing to do with it. Cheaters come in all nationalities, colors, religions, etc.

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59 minutes ago, Abrog said:

But usually from Russia. Calm your tits.

It means absolutely nothing, and a post like Huntaer's brings nothing to the table aside from taking a jab at a specific nationality.

"Usually from Russia" let's also conveniently ignore the various non-Russian guilds who got banned for abusing bugs during progression raiding.

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Cheating and exploits certainly should be immediately banned. However, at the same time, you almost have to give them some credit for creativity. A lot of the exploits and such I've seen are really clever. The phase 3 add manipulation is something I really would have never thought of. So, they cheated, they should be punished, but its rather amusing to see the crazy stuff people come up with. 

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