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Help with DPS

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Hi everyone.

I'm in need of some help, I have read and re-read many posts here about rotation and believe I have this part of my game right, however compared to other locks of my ilvl, they are performing much better DPS numbers than I am so therefore believe I am overlooking something.

Please find below a link to my latest logs (NARZIEV):


And below is a link to my simcraft results so you can see my current stats etc.


Really look forward to your help and feedback.

Kind Regards
An affliction Lock in Need of Help

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Thanks for the reply.

We are raiding again on Wednesday so will post the logs from our progress then. Other logs that I have are from DEMO spec which wont help you with my issues with affliction.

Look forward to your help


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Trinkets are horrid, legendaries are meh at best. Not much you can do about either of those issues but they will drag down your DPS.

Looking at Trilliax:

SL and Corruption uptime was low, should be 10% higher at least.

Big problem is your Reap useage and the fact that you're not executing good burn phases. Get two+ Soul Shards, get 2+ stacks of Reap, cast two UAs, cast Reap, cast Drain Soul. That should be your burn phase.

However, what you did was often pop Reap and then only Drain Soul or only cast one UA and then Drain Soul or cast 3 UAs and Drain Soul but didn't have Reap up.

Things can get messy when there is movement in the fight, but you have to plan for that before it happens and find moments in a fight when you can get burn phases off and to do so correctly. Without that, you won't be able to get Aff to do much.

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Thank you so much for you input, just changing when I cast reap as made a massive DPS boost.

Still a work in progress and I will post my next logs if you don't mind to see if I have made any progress.

Once again

Many Thanks


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