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[Ravencrest] [A] <The Immortal> are a newly found guild found on experienced raiders that came back in legion.
We want to recruit more members to progress into mythic ASAP as well as new people who want to starting raiding and get the feeling of what's it like.
If you are interested in a good atmosphere whilst having progressive and patient guildmates when the team is currently being formed, <The immortals> might be something for you.

What we want from you
-atleast 85% attendancy
-Being able to speak and understand English
-Able to be on discord (Mic is preferable tho)
-Motivation and patience when it comes to the raids and progression

What you can expect from us
-Enchants/gems provided to you once you finished your trial.
-A fair and well organised lootcouncil
-Casual runs for non-raiders and alts for the people who are interested

Our raidtimes are still to be Determined

We are currently looking for anyone who are intrested in a serious raiding team

If you think this guild is something for you, don't hesitate to contact one of our leading members on Btag: Niqrazz#2889, Karsair#2572, Unr34L#2858

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