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need advice on hunter UI

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I need some good addons to make my UI more useful during raid encounters I use DBM, JSHB, Quartz, Sexy Map and MikscrollingBattletext. I also use recount but only to check my dps after a boss encounter. any feed back would be great.

here is a screen shot of what my ui looks like during combat.






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Well, I am maybe not the best to give advice as I love the wow interface and I know other despise it!


That said, I use comergy as an energy bar I perch just above my action bar (between the aspects and the pet control).


To be useful in a raid I would recommend being able to see your character and the area around him clearly (no dot timers over him).


Also do you keybind?


The reason I ask is that your abilities don't look in a logical order. If you keybind then that would explain how you survive but, for example. you have arcane shot at one end the bar, Kill Command in the middle and then bestial wrath at the other end. Still if this is what you are use to, you'll be proficient enough with it like that.


What do you mean by "more useful during raids"?


If its the typical (expected death dealer role) just make sure you can access all relevant abilities comfortably and that you can see you current environment to avoid fire on the ground and such.

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im use keybindings for all my shots and bestial wrath is set up so i left click and its used.

when i mean more useful during raids i mean things like debuff trackers and warnings like say if my serpent sting falls off the target etc .

I never had any problem with my UI but seeing as im now in a more serious raiding guild and hoping to clear the raid fast it makes more sense to make my ui more useful so i dont let them down.

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1. Key-bind's (So important). Learn to move with your mouse and WASD keys and bind your abilities around them. I personally find ` through 5 to be optimal. Then you have QERTFGZXCV plus Shift and Alt modifiers to those (I have buttons on my mouse as well that I use for interrupts, stuns, dispels, etc).  Clicking all your abilities is a really tough habit to break, I used to do it also. I would recommend starting a new toon just for the purpose of learning and playing with binds. It seems easier to make the switch that way as opposed to breaking the habit on a toon you are too comfortable on.  As a hunter and on single target fights you can probably still do fine dps as a clicker, but when you have to move a lot, deal with adds, etc, keybinding is just so optimal. ..Start a new toon and key-bind while moving with your mouse and WASD from lvl 1. It will payoff tenfold in a little while and you will wonder how you used to only use 1 through = and clicking.

2. WeakAura's or TellMeWhen for tracking personal CD durations, procs, certain boss mechanics (Tortos bat buff for example).  This can really help increase dps and with burst dps.  

3. Bartender or Dominoes.  This will help create more space on your screen and allow you to layout your key-binds in a much more easy to see way.

4. A whole range on unit frame add-ons, cd tracker's, etc.

5. Only 1 and 2 are things I would say are required to be a strong raider. Aside from that, UI's are very personal and should be designed by each individual IMO, unless you really love ElvUI or something.  If you like having your CD + Energy bar right in the middle of the screen then go for it.  Ultimately though, practice key--binding, it's just worth it.

6. Picture of my warlock's UI since it is the dps I play the most...normally do heal though...dz78zd.jpg

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To be honest your UI looks just fine :)

If I were you I would do something to limit the MSBT somewhat. Right now it's blocking a lot of your screen and it's not really something you need to pay much attention to. Swing it further to the right side perhaps, and make it smaller or the numbers shorter.


I would also put my focus bar and dot timers just below my character model (the middle of the screen). But that's just because I like to keep the middle and upper part of my screen clean.


I have my target frame, along with dot timers and debuff trackers just below the place where your combat text ends.

It's nice to have it together so I only have to look one place to see all I need to know about my target.


Be sure to put your DBM bars somewhere convenient. You don't want to miss the important ones, and you don't want to be bothered with the unimportant ones.


I think sorting information effeciently is really the key to building a great UI :) 

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